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In the summer of 2013, Cheryl Leone and Dave Favor attended a farewell to a beloved family member who expressed a desire to be disconnected from life support after a long illness.  This family member had a deep passion for his grand-children and wanted them to have all the opportunities in the world.    As they watched him and his  beloved grand-children say good-bye to each other, they began to discuss how young children need to have a way to see there is so much more in the world waiting for them if they could only experience the world.  That summer they sent one grandchild to a hockey camp at Penn State and they brought the other grandchild to Raleigh and Columbia for a couple of weeks of fun exploring.   They then went to Carl L. Solomon, a lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina, who has a passion for working with children.  Carl has demonstrated with commitment from him and his firm that children from all walks of life need help especially during the first formative years.